"There is something inside all of us that pulls, that changes, that leads us to a more fulfilling life."


Marc Hunter Woodworking | Design was born both from tradition and nature. Growing up in

New  Braunfels, Texas, if anyone in the family needed a piece of furniture, my grandfather designed and built it. Expressing a need and having the skills to make it real...well, is there anything better? With a college degree in Management Information Systems and eight years wearing a suit, the 'calling' to design and build came back while staying in a friend's cabin in wintery rural Idaho. This was the right path.

It was time to get started!


Our company is built on hard work, integrity, precision, simplicity, patience and vision. Working as a craftsman is about challenge and reward and forging the age-old traditions of designing from your heart, building with your mind and creating with your hands.


Our clients are our partners. The relationships we build along the way make us flourish. The work we leave behind makes us proud.  


In a time of amazing technology and instant gratification, we feel it’s important to focus on ways to stay connected to our surroundings. Whether it’s building furniture to adorn a new home, making cabinets to organize a space, or constructing something artistic, woodworking is our way of reminding the world that handmade is what makes any space feel like home.


how we  do  it


We work with architects, designers, builders and individuals. Our process is simple: we plan, design and purchase materials with respect for our environment and operate our business with a deep commitment to give back to our local and world community.

We use:

  • sustainably-harvested domestic hardwoods [FSC-certified lumber]
  • NAUF [No Added Urea Formaldehyde] sheet materials
  • efficient material conservation practices
  • passive solar and other energy wise practices in the shop
  • natural oils and low VOC [Volatile Organic Compounds] finishes on our furniture












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